Wojciech Puchar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> >     Regarding most (or many) of the port changes--say, upgrading
> >     foo-2.1.9_5 to foo-2.1.9_6, if  the upgrade could be done by
> >     downloading a binary diff file, could the resulting
> >     /usr/local/bin/foo-2.1.9_6 be achieved by downloading a
> >     relatively small binary patch?  Seems to me that smaller scale
> >     upgrades could be done this way in preference to re-compiling
> >     ports or downloading entire pacakes.  --Same would go for any
> >     dependencies.
> >
> >     Why is this a bad idea!
> >
> because if you change say 5 lines in program source of  1MB binary 
> program, resulting new 1MB binary will be MUCH different 
> byte-by-byte mostly because of address shifting so lots of pointers to 
> code (or data, rodata)  will change. so diff will be big.

Is that a guess or did you actually test and verify this?


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