On Mar 13, 2007, at 5:44 AM, Thomas Vogt wrote:

FreeBSD (6.2 and Current) boots and works perfectly. Only the storage
control program from port/sysutils/aaccli doesn't work with this

aaccli open aac0:
Command Error: <The current AFAAPI.DLL is too old to work with the
current controller software.>

Is there a way to check the status from the Raid without it? Perhaps
with the linux aaccli? I doubt that adaptec is releasing a new aaccli
for freebsd soon.

Yes, this is a problem for all modern adaptec RAID bios. I've been trying to get Scott Long to work on a monitoring solution for these newer cards and he expressed interest, but the project seems to have fallen off of his short list... Perhaps I shall ping him again.

Care to share the consulting fee?

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