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> Hello,
> I'm trying to write a script to delete all line that include a certain 
> pattern in an output file. I sending information to one of our Security 
> people and they take this data and create a spreadsheet on the 
> information, I have a constant reoccurring lines within the output file 
> that they do not need. I'm trying to use the sed command to remove lines 
> that fits a certain pattern but it does not appear to remove anything.

It can probably be done with sed, but without knowing the specifics of
what you're doing, no one can give a meaningful opinion. I use sed,
grep, and awk all the time, but I can't tell you anything without seeing
your sed statement and a sample file. I'd recommend posting to a forum
where sed is a frequent topic and giving enough information to allow
someone to actually help you.

Someone somewhere maintains a sed FAQ along with a file of 100 sed
statements giving examples of various tasks. I can't remember the URL,
but googling will probably bring it up.

Bob Hall
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