On Thu, 15 Mar 2007, Danny Pansters wrote:

On Thursday 15 March 2007 02:16, Gary Kline wrote:
        Two quick one for kernel and/or compiler wizards:  first, is
        a 400Mz processor considered a 586 (for my KERNELCONF file)?

Think its 686 (but really, leaving 486 and 586 in isn't going to slow down
booting or anything!) I always say: Use GENERIC unless you have a good reason
not to.

        Second, is it safe to do a buildworld with -O3?  If there are

No. It's not supported if things break.

        stability concerns, I'll go with the default when I rebuild my
        6.2 systems.

The defaults should be fine. Also, like I said consider just using GENERIC and
load the odd kmod if needed. Generally it's less headache and equal

        thanks in advance,




As Dan and Gary said -O3 isn't supported, and in many cases that "level of 
optimization" gets filtered out while compiling sections of FreeBSD.

Besides, I've compiled stuff with -O3 and various optimizations in Gentoo Linux 
before, and let me say that it caused a great deal of headaches... that's why I 
stick with -O2 now, because it's better to have something in executable shape 
and a bit slower (arguably because some optimizations slow things down) than it 
is to have something run fast and break all the time.

Some food for thought :).


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