I need to build my own ISO-install-CD for FreeBSD 6.2. Is this
possible (given an up-to-date /usr/src tree)? 

If yes, how?

Will this process build build a "mini"-CD or a full "Disc1"?

Can this "home-brewn" install-CD be used instead of the Disc1 of the
6.2 CD-set when installing a machine from scratch?

Will it prompt for the second CD containing the various

Thanks in advance for any clue,

PS: Just for explanation: The original 6.2 install-CDs don't support a
specific NIC I've got in my blade-systems. A new-version of the
corresponding driver has already been submitted though. In order to
avoid the "chicken-and-egg-problem" (i.e. can't update the source
since the machine can't connect to the net when installed via the
original 6.2 CDs) I thought about building a custom 6.2 CD install set
from a machine that has up-to-date 6.2 sources.

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