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Dear Sir or Madam,


The target machine is a HP Omnibook 600c laptop with 8MB RAM, a 486 DX4
processor, 300 MB disk space. No CD drive. No network available. External
floppy drive without DMA. (I tried NetBSD, but because of the lack of DMA it
did not work properly.) The functioning of the floppy drive is critical,
being the machine's only practical means of communicating with the outer
world. Due to cost and time considerations, no upgrades are possible. If the
target machine is not suitable for an installation of FreeBSD, please let me
know so I stop further attempts.

I guess you're without luck in this case. AFAIK FreeBSD needs at least
64 MB RAM to work happily. I tried installing it on an P1/133MHz
Laptop with 16MB RAM, and it freezes after a few minutes. And it's
dead slow.
So I tried NetBSD which worked better on my machine. Maybe there is a
switch or configuration setting to turn off DMA for the Floppy Drive?

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