On Thursday March 15, 2007 at 09:15:50 (AM) Nagy László Zsolt wrote:

> And it works! But why couldn't I do this with postfix?

Because you have postfix configured wrong. I would need the output of

    postconf -n

to even begin to tell what is happening.

Are you subscribed to the postfix mail forum?


You can subscribe by sending an email to:


Place this is the body -- not the subject portion:

    subscribe postfix-users

Then once you are subscribed submit your 'postconf -n' output along with
your OS version and postfix version. Include the relevant lines from the
/var/log/mail.log file as well as what your problem is.

By the way, I would still up date to the latest stable version before
posting. You have a better chance of getting a satisfactory response.

Good luck!

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