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On Thursday 15 March 2007 02:16, Gary Kline wrote:
        Two quick one for kernel and/or compiler wizards:  first, is
        a 400Mz processor considered a 586 (for my KERNELCONF file)?
Think its 686 (but really, leaving 486 and 586 in isn't going to slow down
booting or anything!) I always say: Use GENERIC unless you have a good reason
not to.

        Second, is it safe to do a buildworld with -O3?  If there are
No. It's not supported if things break.

        stability concerns, I'll go with the default when I rebuild my
        6.2 systems.
The defaults should be fine. Also, like I said consider just using GENERIC and
load the odd kmod if needed. Generally it's less headache and equal

        thanks in advance,


As Dan and Gary said -O3 isn't supported, and in many cases that "level of optimization" gets filtered out while compiling sections of FreeBSD.

Besides, I've compiled stuff with -O3 and various optimizations in Gentoo Linux before, and let me say that it caused a great deal of headaches... that's why I stick with -O2 now, because it's better to have something in executable shape and a bit slower (arguably because some optimizations slow things down) than it is to have something run fast and break all the time.

Some food for thought :).

        --Food for thought and a chuckle too!  (not to mention that
        it's waaay early, the chickens are still snoring, and I've
        only had *one* cup of joe)...   I've done some investigation
        with optimizing my own code, usually < 1000 lines, and haven't
        seen much gain between -O2 and -O3. Loop-unrolling may be
different; one trick that compiler hackers at supercomputer companies use by default in to unroll small loops. Cray is
        one example.  Soooo, to get any real gain is going to mean
        going thru the most freq used tools (*grep, find, ls) and
hand-tweak. Might buy 5 - 7%.
        have a good one,



No problem. -funroll-loops might not buy you too much other than a few less instructions overall but I'm not sure how intelligent gcc is at unrolling loops. It seemed like there was a difference between optimizations in the 4.x branch compared to the 3.4.x sub branch. They made a lot of improvements in the 4.x branch though.. it's just that some of those improvements broke code, so that's probably why FreeBSD doesn't have gcc-4.x in the base system.

Cheers :).
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