I'm using dump(8) for backing up a FreeBSD 4.10 server. In order to decrease
the resulting file size, I flagged some directories like /usr/ports
and /usr/src with 'nodump'. I adjusted the dump level 0 script to have -h 0,
so that worked fine. The other scripts for dumps >0 do not have a -h flag
set, because -h 1 is default.

POSSIBLY you should but -h 0 always. but it's just a guess.

The problem is that new files appearing in the /usr/ports tree (daily portsnap
cron) do not have the 'nodump' flag set. But despite the 'nodump' flag on
the /usr/ports directory, the new files in the tree are still dumped.

at least in FreeBSD 6.2 there is no such problems. i dump my machine to tape drive using this flags and works as expected. i flag with nodump /usr/ports /usr/src/sys/i386/compile/* /tmp /var/spool/squid/* etc..

One 'hack' is to run a script prior to the dump to recursively set
all 'nodump' flags where appropriate, but I'm hoping that someone can
enlighten me what is going on.

something isn't going up as it should. i use dump and chflags nodump and it works as expected and as manual says
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