+++ Bill Moran [freebsd] [19-01-03 18:00 -0500]:
| Janine C.Buorditez wrote:
| > Hi.
| > 
| > I was wondering if there is an official way of more conveniently manage
| > configuration files in FreeBSD other than loose scripts.
| Well, convenience is a matter of opinion.  Personally, I prefer config
| files to some methods provided by other systems.
| Beyond that, what is it you're trying to manage?  The only config files
| to really worry about in FreeBSD are in /etc and there are really only
| a few that need any tweaking (rc.conf, rc.firewall, ummm ... that's all
| I can think of that normally need any tweaking)
| I think there was a project to develope a GUI to manage rc.conf, but I
| can't remember the name.  Search sourceforge, as I'm pretty sure it was
| hosted there.

Port:   thefish-gtk-
Path:   /usr/ports/sysutils/thefish
Info:   Gtk+/ncurses rc.conf editor/management tool

| Beyond that, you're going to need to be more specific.  I'm not sure
| what "loose scripts" you're speaking of.


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