You have probably already read those details in another one of my emails 
between when you emailed and when I responded to yours, but in case not, here 
it is again:

I executed a bad command on my old server which I am convinced damaged a 500 GB 
HD I had. The server farm says otherwise, but it is in their best interest to 
talk a lot and do as little work as possible...and rake in more money for 
screwing up OS's, etc. So I had them build out another server which I built out 
after they got me up. First, however, I built a mirror server here and wrote 
down every command I executed in building it, to make sure there would be no 
mistakes. Then one day, all of a sudden, when I wasn't doing any work at all in 
the given areas, two of my databases got wiped: MySQL and one of my Zope 
instances' Data.fs, both of which were symlinked to the SCSI HDs from the 500 
GB HD. This is exactly what happened on the old server, except on the old one 
it happened because of an erroneous copy command. Now, strange little things 
are happening for which there is no logical explanation other than corruption 
of the OS...exactly what transpired on the old server.
 Well, that's more detail than in my last email ;)

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Christian Walther wrote:
> On 16/03/07, Drew Jenkins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> 23Hi;
>> Is it possible to rebuild an OS without reformatting the hard drive? I 
>> have FBSD6.2, so I can't upgrade.
> What are you trying to do? You could always go to /usr/src and do a
> make buildworld, which would rebuild the entire FreeBSD userland.
> Ports can be rebuilt, too, for example by doing a portupgrade -afk
>> TIA,
>> Drew
> Christian

    Depends on how "corrupted" it is. Could you provide details?
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