In the last episode (Mar 16), Konrad Heuer said:
> after replacing 4.11-RELEASE by 6.1-RELEASE on most of my systems I
> just remembered the rc.conf variable "nfs_client_flags" which I used
> under 4.x to raise the number of nfsiod's on heavily loaded systems.
> I can't find nfs_client_flags in 6.1 although the man page of nfsiod
> still documents the "-n" flag.

nfsiods in 5.* and newer are completely kernel-based and are controlled
by three sysctls: vfs.nfs.iodmin, vfs.nfs.iodmax, and
vfs.nfs.iodmaxidle.  The kernel will automatically start up new nfsiods
as it needs them, up to 'iodmax'.  If an nfsiod had been idle for
'iodmaxidle' seconds, the kernel will kill it off, but will always
leave at least 'iodmin' processes running.

All /sbin/nfsiod does is set the iodmax sysctl (which defaults to 20);
it's not really needed anymore.

        Dan Nelson
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