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Gary Kline <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>       How can I convinced portmanager that some/most of these
>       dependencies are incorrect?  E.G.: both playmidi and 
>       ghostscript-aafpl have been pkg_deleted!  WWhat utility do 
>       I need to run to update the ports/packages list?  I have the
>       regular ghostscript-gnu that I've had for 12 years...  Any 
>       clues will be greatly appreciated!!

Run 'make config' in the directory and uncheck:


That should do it. Personally, I run the ghostscript-afpl version
myself. On my system, the majority of programs that I use prefer that

As far as 'bison' goes, what program is requiring it? I had the same
problem once, forget what program it was, and I had to configure it to
use the older version of 'bison'. I don't know of any graceful way
around it.


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