# [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-01-21 08:36:33 -0800:
> > Or maybe, are you really sure you have the proper devices in /dev?
> No, I'm not. At this point I'm not sure of anything, seems like. All I've
> done in /dev is a MAKEDEV std with the MAKEDEV directly from /usr/src,
> without removing the devices currently in there. It was my understanding
> that that would rebuild everything.

did you let mergemaster run MAKEDEV for you, or did you run

/dev/MAKEDEV std

while being in /usr/src? If the latter, you didn't rebuild the
devices in /dev/, you created them in /usr/src instead! That would
indeed explain your problems.
No, I just meant that I copied MAKEDEV from /usr/src into /dev, and then ran ./MAKEDEV std from /dev, as per the UPDATING instructions.

I do suspect this as being related, as I just noted that as of the 20020318 entry notes an ATA change. I'm just not sure what else to try.

Sorry for replying privately, this account isn't on the list. I'll be sure to CC it in from now on.

I appreciate the suggestions.

Aaron Lewis.

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