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Subject: Re: ftp.apcupsd.com hacked?

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 02:38:43PM +0100, Mark wrote:

> > The oddest thing.
> >
> > I just went to the apcupsd site (apcupsd.com + org) in search for the
> > latest version, and lo and behold, my NAV 2003 (on my XP machine)
> > warns me that their ftp site just tried to sneak in a Trojan virus
> > (Sockets de Trois v1) onto my system. :( So much for getting the
> > latest version.
> Are they hacked or something??

> Why are you asking us?

Because of your comment below. :)

> Anyway, it's just as likely this was a false alarm by your virus scanner.

Unlikely; but yes, that is why I ask: to see whether I am the only one
affected by this, whether people already know of this, and, if not,
providing the simple courtesy of letting them know. :)

Strictly not a FreeBSD question; but apcupsd is in the port library, and a
highly used program for people with APC UPS-es. So, if their site is
infected with a virus, is seems only natural to make some inquiries.

- Mark

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