Bram Schoenmakers wrote:

Op maandag 19 maart 2007, schreef Alex Zbyslaw:


   1) There is a bug in whatever version of FreeBSD you are running and
-h 1 is somehow *not* the default.  6.2 Release?

It's a FreeBSD 4.10 (I know, I know, no need to tell me, we're going to migrate to something newer :)
No preaching from me; I'm still on 5.4 which might be newer than yours but still obsolete :-) If you've covered any security issues, run what works for you!

I've checked in the source code and on 5.4 and what I think to be 4.10 in the CVS Repository, there is clearly an assignment honorlevel = 1

which gets overridden by any -h flag, and I can't see any other assignments. Then a flag nonodump is set based on the honorlevel and dump level. That looks correct to me.

My best guess is still some problem with your command line.


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