I'm trying to set up Sendmail to "send-only". I just want Sendmail
sends local mails (i.e.: daily security run output) to my SMTP server.

I use :

# cd /etc/mail
# make

to generate a `hostname`.mc file. I edit it, and add :
define(`SMART_HOST', `[]')

(I tried without brackets, and with names)

then :

# make install
# make restart-mta

I use

# date | sendmail -v postmaster

but I can see in the output that Sendmail sends the mail to the local
server. It seems that my SmartHost is ignored.
I can ping the smarthost (whith IP and name), and telnet
mail.domain.com 25 works fine.

It's suggested in the Handbook to use ssmtp in this case (send-only),
but I red that it was unable to send HTML mails. Is that true ? If
not, I'll use it.

So, can somebody tell me where I am wrong ? and what can I do to use a
smarthost ?

Thank you.

P.S.: I'm running FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE.
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