I tried to send the output of gmplayer to another computer. The other computer is running an esd daemon. It works fine except that the volume is always at 100%. If I try to change the volume inside gmplayer then it freezes immediately. I guess it is because it tries to use /dev/mixer but I do not have any sound card installed on the machine where gmplayer is running. I also tried to "use software mixer" but it did not work. It is a bug in gmplayer, or in esd?

I also tried esddsp with "-m", which SHOULD enable mixer support:

esddsp -m -s 192-168.0.130:1500 mplayer test.wav

but mplayer tells me that it could not "connect" to /dev/dsp. Strange, because the same works with mpg123.

I know that this is not strictly FreeBSD related but ESD is not under active development. The last news on their site is from March 5, 2000. Probably many of you are using Esd because it is the default sound daemon for gnome, this is why I dare to ask here. Plese write me if you have any suggestion, any idea how to replace ESD with something that works with gnome and has working mixer support. All I need is to forward all sounds from one machine to another.



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