On Mar 21, 2007, at 7:24 AM, Jim Flowers wrote:
On startup of mysql-server 5.0.12 on FBSD 5.4-RELEASE my server always has 3
0-size unreferenced files with 69 links reported by lsof +L1.

23 groups of:
mysqld 6179 mysql 6u VREG 4,17 0 0 9 /var (/ dev/aacd0s1d) mysqld 6179 mysql 7u VREG 4,17 0 0 23 /var (/ dev/aacd0s1d) mysqld 6179 mysql 11u VREG 4,17 0 0 24 /var (/ dev/aacd0s1d)

This doesn't cause problems but I am curious as to what is causing it and if I
could do anything to fix it?

Do they go away if you kill mysqld? If not, consider rebooting to single-user mode or off of a CD, and running fsck by hand on /var...

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