On Tue, 21 Jan 2003, Curtis, Brian A.--ORISE wrote:
> Subject: Problem with FreeBSD 4.7-RELEASE after installation
> I've attempted to install FreeBSD 4.7 on an a new HP computer (734n) with an
> AMD Athlon XP 2400.  In doing so, I ran across a few problems.  They are
> detailed below:
> FYI: I installed using the "ALL" option.
> 1. On execution of "startx":
> Error Message: "Could not lookup internet address for . This will prevent
> GNOME from operating correctly.  It may be possible to correct the problem
> by adding to the file /etc/hosts."
> Note: I do not have the computer in question setup on a network.

You can probably get around tihs by giving the box a bogus name in 
/etc/hosts, like the error says.

> 2. Once GNOME is running:
> Error Message: "Nautilus can't be used now, due to an unexpected error."
<snip> can't help with the GNOME issues, I don't use it.

> 3.  Sound card not detected: VT8233 (also not detected under Red Hat 8.0)
> I tried adding [ snd_via8233="YES" ] to /boot/loader.conf as suggested in a
> FAQ.  That did not fix the problem.
> The older versions of the VT8233 are supported on Linux.  Don't know about
> FreeBSD.

The GENERIC kernel doesn't contain sound card support. I don't know if 
that card is supported (check out the file HARDWARE.txt on your install 
CD) but you will need to add sound support to your kernel to try it out. 
The Handbook covers this step in detail (search the table of contents for 


> 4.  Is there a graphical login option available for FreeBSD?  Also, how can
> I set up FreeBSD to load GNOME at start/login?

There are a number off apps to provide graphical login, notably xdm, gdm, 
kdm and wdm. See the basic xdm HOWTO in the handbook:


Dunno about automagically loading a windowmanager at boot. That might be a 
little odd on a multi-user opsys ;)


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