I ran into a snag using my HD backup script that works like a charm on
FBSD-4.5-4.7, but won't when I just tried it on 4.4. The script uses Fdisk,
Disklabel and Newfs. Seems to fdisk & disklabel okay, but when I try to
then run the newfs on a partition, like /dev/ad2s1a, it says, "no such file
or directory". Disklabel says the partition /dev/ad2s1a does indeed exist
as setup. But, newfs cannot see it.

Here's the switches that work for me normally on HD setup:

/sbin/fdisk -BI ad2
/sbin/disklabel -w -r -B ad2s1 auto
/sbin/disklabel -R -B ad2s1 mydisk.label
/sbin/newfs -U /dev/ad2s1a

Are there some incompatibility changes or different switches for 4.4 that I

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone,

SageOne Net

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