On Wed, 21 Mar 2007, Ray wrote:

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 5:57 pm, Jim Priovolos wrote:
Hi, I've downloaded the 6.2 files. When I burned a CD with the boot file it
didn't make my laptop boot off it after powering up with it in the CD

The *disk1 file burnt to a CD gave the same results.

I tried the *disk1 file using ftp through a browser and also command line
ftp set to binary.

I checked the boot order and CD is first. If I put a Windows boot CD in
there it will boot off of it.

Any ideas?

I've got a Compaq Presario 2500 laptop with XP on it now.
Hi Jim,
the first question is how did you burn the *disk1 file? You have to burn it as
a disk image, not just a data cd. when you put the *disk one into your
machine when windows is running, do you see just one file on it, or many? If
you are using windows to burn the cd, (windows is good for something ;)    )
you'll probably have to use a separate burning program like nero and choose
disk image. (I'm just getting started here myself, so if your burning under
something besides windows, ask here again for a how to)

Thanks for the help in advance,
Jim P.

    You don't even need to do that in some cases. If you run XP (like most 
people do), there's always ISO Recorder, a free util for burning ISOs (google 
it for more info).

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