[Jeffrey Goldberg]
>As an aside, I'd like to rant that there is no reason for ftp to  
>exist anymore.  Sure it is stateful in a way that HTTP isn't, but  
>that isn't enough to justify its continued use.

I have very good connectivity to several FTP-only mirror sites,
and relatively poor connectivity to any that serve up HTTP.  None
of those servers are under my administrative control.

Make trouble somewhere else, OK?

>By default (at least in 6.2-RELEASE) fetch is called with the -p  
>option, thus making my request to the list even less coherent.  This  
>is defined by
>   FETCH_ARGS?=        -ApRr
>in bsd.port.mk

Well, um, no, not necessarily.  For instance, I almost always use
portupgrade with a -PP option, so my fetch defaults actually come
from pkg_fetch, not bsd.port.mk.  On my network, anything that
attempts IPv6 resolution is bad, so I put the following in my

  ENV['PKG_FETCH'] = "/usr/bin/fetch -4pao '%2$s' '%1$s'"

This speeds things up immensely...

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