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I just spoke with my DSL supplier and they said that they could give
me 5 IP addresses with a DSL line. I am used to only one IP address per phone line - how are the other
IP addresses from the same DSL line utlilized and routed to different

one per phone line? that doesnt make sense. Do they expect you to have 5 phone lines?

The router they supply you will be responsible for directing traffic to the different IPs.
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5 IP's on one line is likely to be an ATM/DSL circuit.

You have a gateway at the isp and then 5 allocated IP's at your side using a switch or router at your side. You also have a broadcast IP and a Net IP to configure.

If you get this I can give you a how to that worked here at our noc. The usual confic gives you 768/768 speed. We find this works ok.

email me at [EMAIL PROTECTED] if you need a "how to" so you'll know what you are getting into.

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