On Mar 23, 2007, at 11:47 AM, David Banning wrote:
Connect the DSL modem to a switch or hub, and connect several
machines to that, each configured statically to use the /29 subnet
which your ISP is making available to you.

This is assuming your DSL modem deals with any PPPoE/PPPoA login
stuff itself...if not, you might have to get a broadband router or
config a FreeBSD box to do the PPPoE stuff and then route the subnet
internally (perhaps using RFC-1918 addresses via natd & the
redirect_address directive).

Very helpful. Thanks Chuck. What decides which IP will go to each machine?

You do.  :-)

You can either statically configure each machine based on the network config info your ISP provides, or you can even set up DHCP + static IP configs using dhcpd and let automatic network config help out. It's easier to configure a FreeBSD machine to provide static IPs via DHCP than to do so on most "network appliance" style broadband routers.

The router? If so what kind of router is that called? What is the term
I can search google on this to learn more?

"broadband router". D-link, Linksys, and others make 'em-- I've got an 8-port Linksys BEFSR81 which works just dandy for my purposes.


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