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> I ought to know better than to say "SUCKS" in any case.
> I tried to make the point that, other things being equal
> <... lots excised>
> trivial thing to be able to do, so I knew it
> was only a matter of seeing commands to do it and I'd take it from 
> there. In fact, I didn't go back and read the
> documentation to find out what was wrong; I just took a look at the 
> "cdrecord" command doc and the mkisofs
> example to create the source was there, and I said, oh, ran it for 
> burncd, voila. So the "missing FAQ" would
> be sort of an intermediate or slight level of detail, perhaps more like 
> a tear-out reference card summary of the
> actions to take (and any underlying kernel/library/package requirements.)

One thing I can agree with when it comes to documentation is that
an well crafted example or set of examples can be more meaningful
than many paragraphs and even pages of explanation or specification.  
The specification is necessary, but the examples make it much more
clear.    More of the documentation - handbook and man pages and FAQs
should make better use of examples.   Some do, but many don't.
The more the better.

As for the specific topic of mkisofs and CD burning, the handbook has 
some basic examples, but might benefit from some more covering possible


> My apologies to Father Greg.
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