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Garrett Cooper wrote:
Daniel Dvo??ák wrote:
Hi all,
out of curiosity, which CPUTYPE setting is appropriate for dual Manchester core Athlon 64 X2 3800+ processor with FreeBSD 6.2 (GCC 3.4.4) ?
Googling throws up nothing useful.

Try the -march value listed here (athlon64): <http://gentoo- wiki.com/Safe_Cflags#Athlon_64_X2_.28AMD.29>.


That looks suspiciously like linux documentation...and he was asking
about the CPUTYPE setting in make.conf which is (?) FreeBSD specific?

Anyways, there's a sample make.conf in
/usr/share/examples/etc/ that documents the various CPUTYPEs


Josh Paetzel

It is Linux documentation, but considering that a) gcc is the gnu based compiler, b) FreeBSD uses gcc for compiling everything, and c) march => CPUTYPE, that's why I suggested to use that value :). Besides, Gentoo's crazier about compiling (in some respects) compared to FreeBSD.

Don't worry -- I wouldn't (knowingly) lead someone astray :).
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