On Mar 23, 2007, at 2:54 PM, David Robillard wrote:

Thnx for the tip. Found out that it was not the airport UDP port. It is some misconfiguration in my DNS, but still don't get why it doesn't work as expected. For some reason my DNS-name is snipped just before the TLD.

Oh btw i changed some configs

I prepended to /etc/syslog.conf the next and deleted what I wrote above
# Log remote Airport Express
*.*             /var/log/airport.log

And in rc.conf I changed the above to:
syslogd_flags="-b myhostname.intranet.mydomain.org -a

So what comes in on syslogd looks like "airport.intranet.mydomain" so no
.org or something. I really don't get where that comes from. But now
syslogd rejects because of "name mismatch".

If you're having DNS problems, you can always check if your rc.conf(5)
and syslog.conf(5) configurations are good by using IP addresses.
Don't forget to restart syslogd(8) of course. That will help you find
out if your configurations are good.

Well with my latest changes it kind of works, doesn't look very pretty, because I now use no TLD in my rc.conf(5), so no .org only the airport.intranet.mydomain.
And well it is okay like that.

Now that should not prevent you from fixing your DNS :)

At the moment no time, but I sure must get deeper into the Bind manual book ;)


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