* Alex [01/21/2003 21:01]:
> > How to safly and completely  remove Perl / UUCP and maybe others which 
> > have been removed from the source tree. UPDATING doesnt mention anything 
> > about it.
> > Furthermore there is need for doing installworld on some boxes far away 
> > in multi user mode. any chance this works?
> Are you looking for the Early Adopter's Guide? (its on the main
> webpage)

This seems a little ironic. The Early Adopter's Guide simply points you
to /usr/src/UPDATING... and the original poster said he'd already looked
there... and now you're pointing him back to the Early Adopter's Guide.

I would also like an answer to the original poster's question, but it's
doesn't exist in the Early Adopter's Guide... nor does it seem to exist



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