On Sun, Mar 25, 2007 at 09:22:39AM -0400, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Gary Kline <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >     Hi people,
> >
> >     A day or three ago somebody posted a neat upgrade script 
> >     (or snippet of) using a shell for loop and pkg_version.
> >     I was going to save, thought I saved it to ~/Mail/freebsd.
> >     Can't find it.  Anybody knw which post I'm thinking of?
> >
> >     It was something like:
> >
> >     for `pkgversion -xyz {foo}`; whatever;
> >     do
> >        portupgrade -abc;
> >     done
> >
> >     but something that was much more sharp.  Several days ago I
> >     saved the output of pkg_version -IL'<=' to /tmp/Up.sh, then
> >     edited in portupgrade  to each of the 20+ ports.  As a result,
> >     I'm almost entirely upgraded here.  What I saw looked much more 
> >     efficient.
> I'm not really following what you're looking for; if you're trying to
> upgrade everything, doesn't "-a" get it?  

        I've got ~770 ports install--many|most depencencies.  Doesn't
        "-a" rebuilt *everything*?  If not, I've been sadly
        mis-understanding the man page.  

        On my fastest FBSD box I'd like to custom build all the ports
        that need upgrading.  Turn them into pakages for use on all my
        other i686 servers.  

> To avoid repackaging all the dependencies, I sometimes use something
> like:
>  portupgrade -P `portversion -vL \=|cut -c 1-24`

        This may prove infinitely helpful because I've watchmy upgrades
        rebuild dependencies time after time.  No clue how to prevent!!

        hat's off,


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