Jerry McAllister wrote:

On Sat, Mar 24, 2007 at 06:06:51PM -0700, Jim Priovolos wrote:

How can I remove the FreeBSD boot manager?

My disk is full with an NTFS partition or slice and there was only room for 7 meg of anything else. The only thing that is installed now is the boot manager that asks if I want to start in Windows or BSD. I'd like to get rid of that until I can figure out how to shrink the partition.

You need some sort of boot manager.   You can figure out how to write
the MS one back there or just leave the FreeBSD MBR there or find
another favorite one to put there. The only problem with the FreeBSD MBR is that it displays ??? for bootable NTFS file systems rather than something that looks like NTFS or Win-XP, or whatever.
At least as of 6.2 (possibly earlier) the boot manager display "DOS" (and also gets rid of some annoying beeps that arrived with 5.X series).

Obviously, you need to re-write any MBRs written under 5.X to get the 6.X MBR. Simply upgrading will not do that.


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