I hope someone out there can help!!!

I need just a theoretical question answered.....

I have machine A = Gateway 400 MHz, FreeBSD 4.7 with 4 ethernet cards = dc0,
rl0, xl0 and xl1.

I want to bridge incoming dc0 to rl0 for a pass through traffic shaping
firewall to the web and mail servers on machine B

I also want xl0 and xl1 to be set up with Nat service feed from rl0 to
service the Lan.

I am trying to firewall the lan and traffic shape all in and out bound
information.... Eventually I will move the mail and web servers to machine A
... but for now ....?

Am I dreaming .... should i put the crack pipe down or is this set up
possible?  I have read lots on Nat and Bridging however is seems to only be
done with two machines.  Any help would be very much appreciated!!!

Bill Berry


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