>>>>> "GP" == Grant Peel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

GP> 1) Does anyone KNOW when the root servers update DNS for hosts (NS's)?

GP> 2) We were planning to change the DNS about 11:00 P.M. this Saturday, Taking

This requires advanced planning on the order of the TTLs of your
domain records.  First thing is to update your zones to cut the TTL
down to a few hours or even minutes.  You need to do this so that the
current TTL expires *before* your intended move.  If your current TTL
is 7 days, you're too late ;-(

Just before moving, issue the NS record updates with your registrar.
Hopefully you use a registrar that lets you do this dynamically via
the web.  It usually won't take effect for at least a day as the
top-level zone files are not updated but once per day, I believe.

If you have secondary DNS servers that are outside your network that
is moving (this is a prime example of why this is recommended), be
sure to update your DNS server and have the secondary fetch a copy of
the new zone file.

Then move the network, bring it all up again, and you should be good
to go.  If your TTL is shorter than the move time only some *really*
broken remote sites won't notice in time.

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