dbetts writes:

>  I am running Freebsd 6.2

        Thank you for mentioning this, but the ports system is
(more-or-less) separate from the base system.

>  Somehow my /var/db/pkg has become corrupted.  I ran pkgdb -F and
>  it still didn't fix it. The I did something dumb, I deleted the
>  /var/db/pkg. I thought I had a backup but I can't find one. Is
>  there a way to recreate the pkg to reflect what I have already
>  installed on my system 

        If you have lost the entire contents of /var/db/pkg, then I
believ the answer is "No.".

>  or will I have to reinstall all the packages I know I had on my
>  system.

        Yes.  Depending on how many ports you had installed, this will
be a royal pain.  (At least in terms of time spent.)
        When this happened to me three or four months ago, I ended up
looking at the ports distfiles, reverse-mapping them to a port, then
building (not upgrading) the port /de novo/.  That machine lost the
records of 350+ ports; recreating them - even with scripts - took 4
days.  Plus another day to rebuild OpenOffice.
        The good news is the basic functionality of the system is not
compromised, and the rebuilding can go on in the background.
Remember to log your work, so you can tell if anything didn't
build/install and fix it by hand.

                                Robert Huff

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