Olivier Regnier wrote:

After 3 hours, i made my bootable FreeBSD CD/Floppies. Actually, i finished my install.cfg but i have a problem because i don't understand the final step :

I'm not sure I do either, but I'm willing to attempt to help.  Bearing
in mind IANAE, I *think* this is what you're seeing:

# mkdir /img
# cd $CHROOTDIR/R/cdrom/disk1/floppies

Should be self-explanatory; $CHROOTDIR should be set in the environment if you are doing "make release"....

/* Get mfsroot.gz from mfsroot.flp */
# vnconfig /dev/vn0c mfsroot.flp
# mount /dev/vn0c /img
# cp /img/mfsroot.gz .
# umount /img
# vnconfig -u /dev/vn0c

Create a "memory disk" from the floppy image "mfsroot.flp",
mount it, copy the "mfsroot.gz" to the current working dir,
unmount it and destroy the "memory disk".

/* Unzip mfsroot.gz to get mfsroot */
# gunzip mfsroot.gz

Obvious, I hope.

/* Put your config file in mfsroot */
# vnconfig /dev/vn0c mfsroot
# mount /dev/vn0c /img
# cp install.cfg /img/.
# umount /img
# vnconfig -u /dev/vn0c
/* (If you 'gzip mfsroot' here, you can use that for bootable mfsroot.flp for floppies) */

Mount the unzipped "mfsroot" file in a memory disk,
cp your install.cfg to this memory disk, unmount it
and destroy the memory disk.

(Note of concern ... I don't see this getting moved
back to anywhere were it will do some good before moving
to the next step.  Where did you get these instructions?)

/* Put mfsroot in kernel so that it will read it when boot time */
# vnconfig /dev/vn0c boot.flp
# mount /dev/vn0c /img
# cp /img/kernel.gz .
# gunzip kernel.gz
# write_mfs_in_kernel -f kernel mfsroot
/* write_mfs_in_kernel can be found at /usr/src/release. Compile it if you haven't. */

# gzip kernel
# cp kernel.gz /img/.
# umount /img
# vnconfig -u /dev/vn0c

Mount the "boot.flp" image in a memory disk, grab the kernel,
unzip it, add the altered "mfsroot" to the kernel using the
write_mfs_in_kernel program/script, zip up the new kernel, copy it to the image and unmount said image.

I'm concerned though about this documentation; for one thing
vnconfig is deprecated (except for 4.X releases, which are, uh,
deprecated<?>), and "write_mfs_in_kernel" was "nuked" from CVS **8 years ago** by the venerable jkh himself, so I have to wonder, "Where did this 'how-to' come from?"

You may need someone more familiar with the modern RELENG
system to help with this....

Kevin Kinsey
Fortune favors the lucky.
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