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We've been using Freebsd for many years and all of our servers are running

The only thing that is a pain with freebsd, is poor commercial support :(

We are running in a situation where a customer needs Zend platform 3
(http://www.zend.com/products/zend_platform) which won't be available for
freebsd until the end of the year...

So I will need to setup a machine with linux.

I don't know much about linux distributions, could someone recommend one to
me please.

We are looking for a platform that will support amd64 extensions, will act
as a console only server and that has a good way to install ports and
upgrade. We want something secure and stable. We don't wanna go with Redhat
or any commercial distribution.

I really like the cvsup/make install/portupgrade way of dealing with
software installation and updates and I am looking for something equivalent
on a linux distribution.

Could you recommend a distribution you are using in production, we've check
ubuntu, fedora and Debian, but I wonder what freebsd users recommend...


The Zend vendor (Zendor?!) is most likely to support Redhat but if you
are feeling brave or lucky you could try Gentoo, for which I'll add my
vote. Slackware and Arch are nice too but Slackware leaves all the
compiling and installing to you (unless you use one of the packages
like slapt-get, etc., which aren't the "official" solution for
installing packages) and when I tried it, Arch (a) had a smaller
package selection than Gentoo and (b) had less complete documentation.

Debian is good too if you have supported hardware (I've found their hw
support not to be as good as say Gentoo's or Arch's) but if you prefer
freebsd ports to packages then you may wish to avoid it, as although
apt-get appears to have a mechanism for installing from source, it
looks complicated cf. Gentoo's.

My £0.02

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