On Tue, 27 Mar 2007, Michael P. Soulier wrote:


I just upgraded portupgrade, and it recommended that I run pkgdb -L to look
for lost dependencies. This raised the question to me of what I should
regularly run in cron jobs to maintain the db.

Is it wise to put say, pkgdb -L into a weekly cron? Anything else?

How are dependencies lost anyway? Beyond reading the source, is there a
document that tells me how pkgdb works?


I can't say I've used that option lately, but I'm pretty sure that what you're 
experiencing occurs because stuff a) gets moved or b) gets removed. Versioned 
port like lib/libnet10 for instance gets replaced by lib/libnet11 in the future 
for instance.

You shouldn't really have to do something like this more than once a month 
though I would think unless you're a heavy ports user, because ports don't get 
moved / removed frequently (except as of late where there seems to be a bit of 
a ports revamp going on). So, maybe once every two weeks for now?


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