I recall that there had been tsclient come with SuSE 9.x.

Now I am using SuSE 10.2. I cannot find tsclient in the SuSE standard
repository nor in packman. (Can I know why this is removed?)

tsclient is not important to me, because I always use "vncviewer"
commandline. But we are in a company and I don't like to frighten away
my colleagues by telling them when they want a remote desktop session
(e.g. discuss a contact) they have to start gnome-terminal and type
something there (and, I am sure many of them will type wrongly, with
incorrect placed space ett, because they don't know how to use command

To accept vnc session is easy, go to Control Center and click "Remote
Desktop". To start vnc session does one have to use command-line?

Yes I can create a desktop shortcut for them so that they can directly
launch vncviewer which prompt for server address. But I prefer the
standard way: installing some software for them (unless I have to make
the desktop shortcuts).
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