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"Don O'Neil" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I've been having problems with my server freezing up, having the #2 CPU
'shut down', kernel panics, and all sorts of nastyness....

Originally I thought it was exim, or possibly bind, or bad hardware (mb, cpu
or memory)... I've swapped out the motherboard & CPU's & memory from an old
server that was running 4.11 ROCK SOLID for years...

At first I thought the problem was solved, but now it's popping up again...
The 2nd CPU gets 'shut down', or kernel panics, esentially taking the system

There are lots of things this could be, and I certainly wouldn't rule
out hardware problems (power supply?).  Figuring out the problems
directly would certainly involve looking at more details than you're
listing here.

If I install a single CPU (non-smp) kernel, then the system works fine... (I
did this on the old motherboard before I swapped it out, and it worked fine
too).. So I'm wondering if there is an SMP bug or problem I'm running into.

I'm running 6.1-STABLE-200608, an ISO image I downloaded from the archives
when I built the box (NOT 6.1-RELEASE).

The whole point of making releases is that it's much easier to support
a small number of known reference software configurations.

I'm runining an Intel Serverworks motherboard with 2 1.4 GHz PIII's... The
problem only seems to show up under high load.

I don't think I've heard of anything similar.  I think there are a
bunch of these boards out there.

I'm wondering what I should do here...

I'm concerned about doing a binary upgrade to 6.2 won't fix the problem, and
I've tried using freebsd-update, but it complains about the version not
being compatible.

If I do a binary upgrade from CD, will it also update the kernel sources so
I can build a new one? Will it complain about it not being compatible?

It can give you the sources; that's a menu option during the install.
That should work fine.

Is there a way to 'force' the ID of the system to be 6.1-RELEASE so that
freebsd-update will work?

Well, yes, but there's a reason for the check, you know...

Will doing the 6.1-6.2 binary upgrade as posted by Colin also update the
kernel sources?

I don't know what procedure he described, so I don't know.  But if you
update to 6.2-RELEASE, then it will be easy to get the right sources
afterwards.  Again, that is the advantage of having releases.

Would my best option really be to start over with a fresh install rather
than upgrade? (this would be painful)

If it's that painful, you'd probably be well served to have a spare
system to stage changes on.  In addition to being good risk
management, it saves you time, which is worth something too.

I'm going to try to test out 6.2 on the old MB/CPU combo to see if I can
re-create it under 6.2 as well before I do anything. As well as try doing an
upgrade on the bench from CD from 6.1-STABLE-200608 to 6.2-RELEASE... Since
this is a production server (and for months it was burned in with no
apparent issues) I only have 1 shot at this to do it right.

Any help/recomendation would be appreciated.

Good luck.

Honestly I would probe around your motherboard a bit checking voltages (power 
supply) and/or heat dissipation, because those are the most likely cases if it 
_only_ fails under high load. Next thing to check would be RAM integrity.


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