On 27/03/07, Michael P. Soulier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I just upgraded portupgrade, and it recommended that I run pkgdb -L to look
for lost dependencies. This raised the question to me of what I should
regularly run in cron jobs to maintain the db.

Is it wise to put say, pkgdb -L into a weekly cron? Anything else?

I am not sure you would want to do that, as
if it were to overlap with a normal portupgrade
the results may be interesting.

The machine's day to day running depends not
at all on the pkgdb.  I would suggest that if you
sense that you need to keep atop these things
you run pkgdb -L about as often as you run
portupgrade -fr <something>.  If you do not have
to recursively rebuild (say for leaf packages)
pkgdb -L is redundant at best.

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