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> On 28/03/07 RW said:
> > The gettext upgrade is actually a good example of what portupgrade
> > offers. With portupgrade the -rf option is advisable, but not
> > essential, with portmaster, it's essential that the -r option is
> > used, If it's not, or the upgrade fails to complete, you can end-up
> > with not much more than the base-system working.  
> Wow. You would think that such tools would prevent you from getting
> into that situation.

That is the beauty of portmanager. Just using the -p flag will guarantee
that all dependencies are updated, no matter how far down the
dependency's tree. Using the -u -p combination will get everything
working correctly, although in the case of the 'gettext' update, it can
involve a large number of applications being updated.


This must be morning. I never could get the hang of mornings.

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