I am attempting to build a dual-homed firewall using FreeBSD 4.7
RELEASE.  The PC is presently connected to a corporate LAN with DHCP and
DNS servers and a broadband connection to the Internet.

The outside interface (rl0) is configured as follows:
IP address: a.b.148.62 (dynamically assigned)
Gateway: a.b.144.254
DNS: a.b.144.1

The inside interface (rl1) is configured as follows:
IP address:

My private network consists of one workstation which is set up as
IP address:
DNS: a.b.144.1

When I use the "open" ruleset in /etc/rc.firewall, the workstation on my
private network can get through the firewall to the LAN and the
Internet.  When I switch to the "simple" ruleset, the firewall stops
forwarding packets.  From the console, I can ping the outside and inside
interfaces, but nothing else.  Everything looks normal in dmesg.
Additional info upon request!

Brian Davis

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