I'm installing FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE on a brand new system with Intel
D975XBX2 board. It seems that FreeBSD does not support the onboard Marvell
88SE6145 SATA controller. Could someone confirm this?

At first, when I tried to boot the installation CD, the loader hung very
early in the process with the message "BTX halted". But when I went to the
BIOS and disabled "Secondary SATA controller" (in Advanced, Peripheral
Configuration), the CD booted and the install began alright.

By the way, I did the BIOS upgrade (to version BX97520J.86A.2674), but
that didn't help.

Even though the board has another RAID controller (ICH7-R/ICH7-DH), I
really would like to get both of them working. This system is going to be
a server and I was going to hook up 6 hard drives to it: 2 as RAID1 and 4
as RAID5.

Now that I figured out what was causing the "BTX halted" error, I'm going
to complete the installation, and then try to enable the Marvell
controller back. Let's see if that works.
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