On Thu, 29 Mar 2007 13:10:01 -0700 (PDT)

>You should update your ports tree. The latest version available is
>3.0.24, and it's recommended because there was a format string error of
>some kind in <=3.0.23d.

 Ok, so I've updated my ports tree on my FreeBSD 6.2R system.

 I have managed to install the latest SAMBA3 port and I can now use
smbclient to view the shares on my Vista computer. I can even send print
jobs over to it, but on the Vista box, all I get is ERROR in the queue.

 If I go here:


 it says sure, HPLIP 0.9.5 supports the HP OfficeJet 5610.

 I got there from here:


 I don't see HPLIP anywhere in ASPFILTER. Now I'm lost again.

 Mind you, I'm sure it said HPIJS was the best driver to choose, but it
comes up with error messages in the print queue on the Vista box.

 Been up all night trying to figure this out. Time for bed.
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