Boot from a CD, change the partition table to make the FreeBSD partition
start right after the Windows partition

Well, sort of maybe.    Do you mean the partition table or slice table?

It's the think that fdisk manages, which I guess in BSD-ese is the slice table.

First, I am guessing that you used some utility to officially shrink
the slice (windows primary partition) where MS-Win is installed.


So, delete the existing FreeBSD slice with fdisk (or in sysinstall)
and then create a new one that encompasses all the left over space.


Use dd to move down the existing FreeBSD partition data so it starts
at the beginning of the new partition

No, this is no good.   You cannot reuse the old partition data on the
new slice because the new slice is a different size.

I know it's a different size. I figured I'd go in with bsdlabel and fix up the partitition table after I dd'ed it up, then use growfs.

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