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You are able to mount the primary partition, not the extended partitions. This is a also a limitation mounting ms-dos fat drives. The extended partitions are done differently and are outside the partition table.


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I'm trying to mount an ntfs drive with mount_ntfs. Now, the system sees the second hard disk, but shows only one partition, ad1s1 wich is NTFS, but on that disk there are 3 ntfs partitions and the system doesn't see them. On
windows they work fine.

Another thing, after a day or two I tried to boot on windows and the
responded that a file is missing and that they can't start. After that I
rebooted and the started normaly! Weird. What could it be?


DOS partitions handled by the Logical Volume Manager are tricky critters to deal with (if that's in fact what you have setup). That's why I suggest that you move back to a 'Basic' configuration -- that way your partitions will be readable using any OS.

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