On Fri, 30 Mar 2007 23:12:59 -0700 Andriy Babiy wrote:

> > > > > Since skype requires some i386 binary, it doesn't build on amd64.
> > > >
> > > > Where did you manage to get the sources?
> > > > Why didn't you give a try to use the port (/usr/ports/net/skype)?
> > > > It works just fine at amd64 (COMPAT_IA32 and COMPAT_LINUX32
> > > > should be used for kernel configuration).
> > >
> > > Thank you. I didn't know about those parameters. I'll give it a try.
> >
> > Well, there are the defaults and are presented at the GENERIC kernel.
> > To answer your question. The default (GENERIC) kernel should use i386
> > binaries, can't say about kernel modules though.

> It should work, but it didn't. As I didn't touch those parameters, they 
> were present in my kernel configuration. Is there anything else I should 
> set or configure? Just in case, if someone can have a look at my kernel 
> config and advise me, please find it attached.
> Thank you.

Well, so far so good. You didn't show any error messages and any
diagnostics. I even can't understand your "it doesn't build on
amd64". Did you give it a try (to install from the port)? Have you got
any error messages? Does your sound card work with FreeBSD
applications? Which version of FreeBSD do you run? 

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