Garrett Cooper wrote:
Derek Ragona wrote:
rm -i *

only answer y to the one you want deleted.


At 02:36 PM 3/31/2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
I've made mistake with tar. Something like

tar cvfz --preserve-permissions home.tgz *


tar cvfz --preserve-permissions * home.tgz

As result I have a file with name '--preserve-permissions'.
It seems that it's not easy to delete this file.

rm '--preserve-permissions'

does not give the desired result.
What should I do :-)
rm -- '--perserve-permissions'. -- tells getopt to stop searching and the single quotes are a double bonus because it doesn't interpret the string contents beforehand, but instead passes it on as a straight string.

Try: rm "--perserve-permissions" and rm '--perserve-permissions', in that order to just see what happens ;)..

Haha. Forgot that the single quotes version won't work by itself. It's basically for cases when there are shell sensitive characters inside a string, when compared to the double quotes. The first solution with -- will work though, guaranteed :).

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