Hi all,

I'm new to FreeBSD and this is my first attempt to setup a FreeBSD
network server (DNS, NIS, DHCP). Everything went well so far. although
I have a question/issue with adding new users on the NIS master server.

I have a separate /var/yp/master.passwd and I have also created an
entry in /etc/pw.conf (nispasswd=/var/yp/master.passwd). From what
I understand from the man pages that "pw" will update both
"/var/yp/master.passwd" and "/etc/master.passwd" when a new user is
created and/or modified.

However when I try to add a new user using "pw", an error message is

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]# pw useradd <user> -c "<UserName>,,," -u <id> -g <group> -s /bin/csh -d /usr/users/velle
pw: NIS passwd update: Unknown error: 0

Both "/var/yp/master.passwd" and "/etc/master.passwd" seems to be correctly modified, but I'm wondering about the cause of this error.

Does anyone have some idea?



PS: I also had problems search the archives of the mailing list.
Everytime I got "no results" ...
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