On Apr 2, 2007, at 5:20 PM, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:

I do not have /usr/src/UPDATING

I have

# locate UPDATING





After you did a cvsup with "src-all" in the supfile there should be a
/usr/src/UPDATING file. Read it before updating, it can help you not
getting in trouble.

I just did an upgrade although that was from 6.0 to 6.2 so not perfectly
 comparable. But it workedout   fi. e, I used the nex  thowto:

The howto is only fine, although I had some issues with understanding mergemaster. Mergemaster askes you whether to use the new file, the old file or to merge them. When merging them it gives a left and a right file and the diffs of it.
You just have to select which one of them you want to keep.

Well, good luck and make sure you have a working level 0 dump at hand to
restore in case everything goes wrong.

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The difference is a binary upgrade using sysinstall booting a later version CD or using cvsup and a source install. Both should work fine for your
setup.  If you want to go to 6.X you should go to 5.5 first.

Read /usr/src/UPDATING in all cases.


At 09:44 AM 4/2/2007, Jean-Paul Natola wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm think I really need to upgrade from 5.4 as I'm having a slew of issues
with my programs- specifically  exim-sa-clamav-

My concern is that this was the only BSD install I had ever done with
assistance from a colleague from across the border- So all I have been doing
for the past year is cvsup-ing and portupgrading- however as mentioned
earlier I'm running into issues that are consuming too much time for me to
resolve as I am a one man IT department here.

The first thing I'd like to know is if my box can indeed handle the upgrade
to 6.2  -

I have the following hardware-

PIII 500mhz
256 ram
8 gig hard-drive

The ONLY thing I use this box for is to filter mail that then gets passed to
my exchange server-

Are there any gotcha's I need to lookout for before attempting this upgrade, since this filters my e-mail if I screw up- I will have no incoming mail- lest I choose to redirect my SMTP directly to my mail server- NOT A GOOD

So I see there are two methods of upgrading - sysinstall or makeworld- what would be the optimal choice for someone with limited experience in the BSD


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